Dendrimer Technology

Starpharma’s technology is based on a type of polymer, a highly branched, roughly spherical polymer – called a dendrimer.

Dendrimers are precise, synthetically manufactured, nanoscale molecules with unique properties that make them useful to the health and pharmaceutical industry to enhance existing products and as entirely new products. Starpharma's dendrimer technology allows the creation of specifically defined nanoparticles that are applicable to a wide range of medical uses.

Starpharma uses its proprietary dendrimers in two different ways: as therapeutics themselves (e.g. SPL7013/VivaGel®) or by using the dendrimer scaffold (DEP®) with covalently attached drug molecules (DEP® conjugate) to improve the performance of those existing drugs.

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Our Products

Starpharma has various products on market in certain countries as well as in the pipeline that are based on its proprietary dendrimer technology. Learn more.

Intellectual Property

Starpharma is commercialising products based on its proprietary dendrimer technology. Starpharma holds a central position in the dendrimer intellectual property landscape with a wide portfolio of patents. The Starpharma patent portfolio currently has around 20 active patent families with over 200 granted patents and more than 70 patent applications pending (as at 31 July 2022).