Dendrimer Technology

Starpharma’s technology is based on dendrimers, which are highly customisable and precisely engineered polymers with a wide range of applications across pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Dendrimers possess unique characteristics such as size, structure, high degree of branching, polyvalency, stability, and water solubility, which allow them to deliver multiple benefits in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Starpharma uses its dendrimer technology to develop novel therapeutics and improve the performance of existing pharmaceuticals.

How are dendrimers made?

To construct dendrimers, Starpharma utilises a process of adding successive layers, or 'generations', of the amino acid lysine around a central core. This amino acid composition yields advantages such as making them biocompatible and biodegradable.

Through this process, the physical and chemical properties of the dendrimers can be precisely controlled and tailored to meet specific requirements for various medical, pharmaceutical, and other applications.

To achieve the desired function, molecules can be added to the final generation of the dendrimer's surface. The selection of surface molecules employed depends on the specific application of the dendrimer. These may include chemotherapeutic agents, chelating groups for radiotherapy, or other modifying molecules that can manipulate the dendrimer's physical, chemical, and pharmacological characteristics.

Starpharma also has the ability to attach targeting groups like antibodies or antibody fragments to specific sites on the dendrimer, enhancing its effectiveness in chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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Application of dendrimers for pharmaceutical or medical device applications

Starpharma leverages its dendrimer technology to create innovative therapeutics and enhance the effectiveness of current pharmaceuticals.

Important properties of Starpharma’s proprietary dendrimers include:

  • Polyvalency: the ability to attach multiple active groups, payload molecules or targeting groups on the surface of the dendrimer
  • Ability to improve physical, chemical and pharmacological characteristics, such as stability, solubility, lower toxicity and higher bioavailability, to the attached active groups and payload molecules.

Starpharma has developed an innovative technology platform known as DEP® (Dendrimer Enhanced Product), which utilises dendrimers to improve the effectiveness and safety of pharmaceutical drugs. This innovative approach opens up new possibilities for targeted and controlled drug delivery, leading to increased therapeutic and commercial opportunities. Additionally, the use of DEP® technology can result in the creation of new intellectual property and an extended patent life for existing pharmaceutical drugs.

Starpharma’s commitment to advancing healthcare also extends to the field of infectious diseases. The Company has also leveraged its dendrimer technology to develop several antimicrobial products based on a specifically designed proprietary dendrimer called SPL7013 that has the ability to physically trap and block viruses, and to kill bacteria, and inhibit the formation of microbial biofilm.