Commercial partnerships are key to Starpharma's business and offer significant optionality. Our partnerships involve leveraging our proprietary dendrimer technology platform to develop and commercialise innovative products to meet significant clinical needs and create value for all stakeholders.

Starpharma has a deep intellectual property portfolio with more than 200 granted patents and invests in research and development activities to expand the applications of its dendrimer platform and develop new products. In parallel, Starpharma collaborates with leading pharmaceutical and life science companies to develop and commercialise their products facilitated by its dendrimer technology. These partner-funded collaborations typically involve joint research and sharing of expertise, with partners granted access to Starpharma’s DEP® platform to apply to their programs and progress their product development and overcome barriers such as poor solubility, narrow therapeutic index or sub-optimal pharmacokinetics.

Partnering opportunities

DEP® partners

Discover the possibilities for Starpharma's cutting-edge DEP® drug delivery platform through partnerships, collaboration and licensing. This innovative technology is supported by an extensive intellectual property portfolio. It has the potential to significantly enhance the therapeutic and commercial value of many drugs, including oncology chemotherapeutics,  non-oncology molecules, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), and radiotheranostics, among others.

By employing dendrimers to improve the performance, efficacy and safety of a drug, targeted and precisely controlled administration becomes possible, opening up exciting opportunities for drug development.

The application of DEP® technology also offers the potential for generating new intellectual property and extending the patent life of drugs. Partnering with Starpharma unlocks access to the innovative DEP® platform, providing an invaluable opportunity for performance improvement through collaborative research and licence agreements.

Starpharma is proud to have DEP® partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies such as MSD, Genentech, Chase Sun and AstraZeneca.

Starpharma actively seeks new partnerships, collaborations, and licensing to leverage its dendrimer technology platform in many products and therapeutic areas in both therapeutic and diagnostic applications. By establishing strategic alliances and licensing arrangements, Starpharma aims to maximise the commercial potential of its technology across multiple sectors.

Licensing options are available for Starpharma's well-advanced clinical candidates. 

Sales and Distribution partners

Starpharma continues to explore partnerships to expand the global presence of its VivaGel® BV and VIRALEZE™ products. The Company focuses on partners with strong marketing, distribution, and regulatory capabilities.

If you are interested in obtaining distribution rights for these products or would like to discuss how the DEP® platform can enhance your product or development candidate, we encourage you to contact our business development team at

Partner with us

Contact our business development team to explore partnership opportunities with Starpharma.