Starpharma is a world leader in dendrimer innovation and values dynamic, motivated, results-oriented people to meet our opportunities and challenges.

As part of our team, you will work closely with other talented and committed professionals. We recruit for technical excellence, enthusiasm and a strong commitment to teamwork.

We are always interested to hear from such individuals. If you think you could add value to our team, please send a CV and a brief summary to



 Great Place to Work® certification

Starpharma is delighted to announce our Great Place to Work® certification for 2022-23 in the small business category (30 to 99 employees). This recognition is a testament to our team’s positive workplace and company culture, and our celebration of inclusivity and diversity in our workplace.


 As a global leader and authority on workplace culture and employee experience, Great Place to Work® leverages over 30 years of research on winning workplace cultures. Great Place to Work® research has repeatedly demonstrated that a high-trust culture at work means a better employee experience. Great Place to Work®’s insights enable dynamic, ever-evolving businesses like ours to reflect on their results and continue enhancing their workplace culture.

Great Place to Work® certification recognises the great workplace culture those organisations have built. It checks the employee experience and signals that Starpharma is truly a people-first organisation. This certification validates that we care about our employees’ experience and are committed to building and maintaining a high-trust company culture.

By undertaking Great Place to Work®’s confidential Trust Index™ survey, our team has told us exactly why they love working with us. The results show our team experience our workplace in a consistently positive way across different age groups, genders, employees, managers, and tenures.

We are pleased with our strength of culture in relation to fairness, pride, camaraderie, engagement, and innovation. We are proud of the 18 different countries of birth of our employees; and this speaks to our global attitude and the value we place on the rich diversity we have within our community.

Starpharma Chief Executive Officer Dr Jackie Fairley commented: “Starpharma has a remarkably diverse and talented team of professionals. We respect our people and support their growth and development within our dynamic environment. The potential of our dendrimer technology provides profound purpose for us in our work every day, as we seek to bring important medicines and health products to patients in need around the world. We are pleased to have achieved Great Place to Work® certification, and it affirms our team’s strong view of Starpharma’s positive workplace culture.”