VivaGel®-Coated Condom

VivaGel® (SPL7013, or astodrimer sodium) has been shown in laboratory studies to inactivate up to 99.9% of viruses, including HIV, the herpes virus (HSV), and the human papillomavirus (HPV), which are common viruses that cause sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 


Starpharma has licence agreements with condom manufacturers, Ansell Limited (ASX: ANN) and Okamoto Industries, Inc. (TSE: JP3192800005), for a VivaGel®-coated condom.


Regulatory certification (marketing approval) has been granted for marketing by Okamoto of the VivaGel®-coated condom in Japan.  Okamoto is the market leader for condoms sold in Japan, which is the world’s second largest condom market.


Starpharma will receive royalty and other payments from the agreements, and the coated condoms will carry the VivaGel® brand.







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