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17 February 2015

Starpharma presents at ASX Investor Series

Starpharma is presenting to more than 200 investors at ASX Investor Series event in Sydney.

 The ASX Investor Series is hosted by the ASX in conjunction with Finance News Network (FNN) and is designed to engage the investment community and bring together ASX-listed companies, investors and financial market participants.

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16 February 2015

Interim Report and Half-Year Financial Results

Starpharma today released its interim report and financial results for the half-year ended 31 December 2014.


Financial Summary

  • Reported loss of $8.5M (Dec 2013: $5.6M)
  • Cash position at 31 December 2014 of $39.3M
  • R&D tax incentives of $1.6M reported in the half-year (Dec 2013: $2.6M)
  • Receipt of $4.2M R&D tax incentive refund
  • $20.5M net proceeds from equity placement and share purchase plan
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5 December 2014

Japan VivaGel® condom launch timing impacted by classification review

Starpharma today announced that the planned launch timing of the VivaGel® condom in Japan would be delayed following a review of the specific category of medical device classification by the Japanese regulatory authorities.

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28 November 2014

Marketing Clearance for VivaGel® condom in New Zealand

Starpharma today announced the completion of the regulatory requirements to allow for marketing of the VivaGel® condom in New Zealand under the brand Lifestyles® Dual Protect™.

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In the media

7 August 2014

The Business on ABC TV: Interview with Starpharma CEO Jackie Fairley

Starpharma CEO Jackie Fairley joins The Business’ Presenter Ticky Fullerton to discuss TGA approval of a VivaGel coated condom in depth, revisiting the shorting issue covered prior on the show, the benefits of the announcement to broader Australian innovation, and a business update on Starpharma’s DEP docetaxel drug development. 

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7 August 2014

Glamour UK: Potential Huge News: This New Condom May Be Able to Kill HIV, Herpes, and Other STDs

Glamour UK, a magazine for women with a UK online readership of 3.38 million, covered the announcement that Starpharma had received TGA approval for VivaGel coated condoms. 

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7 August 2014

The Washington Times: HIV-killing condom to soon hit shelves in Australia

The Washington Times’ picked up the announcement that Starpharma and Ansell have received TGA approval of the VivaGel coated condom from The Daily Mail UK.  

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7 August 2014

The Daily Mail: First condom designed to kill HIV "could be available to buy within months"

In an article that goes into a significant amount of scientific detail for a mainstream news publication, the Daily Mail covered the TGA of VivaGel coated condoms announcement. 

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Shareholder Updates

7 October 2014

Shareholder Update October 2014

In this Issue:

› Encouraging clinical data for DEP™ docetaxel

› VivaGel® condom approved for sale in Australia – Launch imminent

› VivaGel® for BV: SPA agreement for Phase 3 and commercialisation activities for Symptomatic Relief

› Starpharma completes $18M Placement; launches $5M SPP

› Dendrimer-enhanced agrochemicals

› Full Year 2014 annual financial results


Download: Shareholder Update October 2014 (pdf file, 1MB)

12 June 2014

Shareholder Update: June 2014

In this issue:

› VivaGel® BV prevention of recurrence: start of phase 3 trials close

› R&D tax incentive cash received

› DEP™ docetaxel trial progressing well

› VivaGel®-coated condom: preparing for launch

› VivaGel® BV symptomatic relief product: commercial and regulatory progress

› Strong results for dendrimer enhanced agrochemicals


Download: Shareholder Update: June 2014 ( pdf file, 2MB)

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