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4 May 2015

AstraZeneca to develop oncology drug using SPL’s DEP™ technology

Starpharma today announced the signing of an extension to the existing collaboration agreement with AstraZeneca to commence scale up of a dendrimer enhanced oncology molecule (“DEP™ conjugate”) for further development.

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30 April 2015

Appendix 4C - Quarterly Cashflow Report

Starpharma today released its Appendix 4C – Quarterly Cashflow report for the period ended 31 March 2015.


  • DEPTM docetaxel dosage levels exceeds the most commonly used Taxotere® dose
  • Majority of sites in phase 3 clinical trials for VivaGel® to prevent recurrent bacterial vaginosis (R-BV) recruiting participants
  • Regulatory submissions for VivaGel® Symptomatic Relief of bacterial vaginosis
  • Continued Australian rollout of VivaGel® condom
  • Increased activity in partnered drug delivery and agrochemical programs
  • Solid cash balance of A$34.7 million
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30 April 2015

DEP™ Docetaxel Trial Dose Exceeds Common Taxotere® Dose Level

Starpharma today released an update to the progress of its phase 1 clinical trial of DEP™ docetaxel for advanced solid cancers. The DEP™ docetaxel dose level now exceeds the most commonly used dose for Taxotere® of 75mg/m2, with no dose limiting toxicities (DLT), including neutropenia, having been observed to date.

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8 April 2015

Channel 9 News: Starpharma’s DEP™ docetaxel drug

The benefits of Starpharma’s DEP™ docetaxel drug which is currently in clinical trials, has been featured nationally on Channel 9 News.


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In the media

18 June 2015

The Australian: Innovative companies 'need a super boost'

The Australian's Sarah-Jane Tasker reports on Starpharma CEO Jackie Fairley's calls for simple changes to superannuation laws similar to those in the US and UK to incentivise individuals and funds to invest in companies like Starpharma and similar technology based companies, which would create a "paradigm shift in investment in the knowledge economy".

She said that "given biotech is a global industry Australia had to ensure there was an environment that encouraged smaller companies to develop into much larger companies and get to a more advanced commercial stage."

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17 June 2015

AFR and Brisbane Times: Starpharma finds star backers

Tim Binstead reports that Starpharma has found star backers in well-known investment banker Mark Carnegie and property guru James Dack.

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22 May 2015

Starpharma TV

In the latest episode of Starpharma TV, CEO Dr Jackie Fairley and Jason Lickliter, Principal Investigator and Oncologist, Nucleus Network, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, discuss Starpharma’s Phase 1 clinical trial of DEP™ docetaxel. They discuss the benefits of the drug compared to docetaxel and the positive initial results from the trial, with the dosage of the drug now exceeding the most commonly used dose for Taxotere® of 75mg/m2, with no dose limiting toxicities, including neutropenia, having been observed to date.

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18 May 2015

Seeking Alpha - Dendrimers Coming of Age: Starpharma's Star is Rising

DEP (Dendrimer Enhanced Particle) technology improves drug availability, reduces toxicity; potential for repositioning $billion drugs.

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Shareholder Updates

7 October 2014

Shareholder Update October 2014

In this Issue:

› Encouraging clinical data for DEP™ docetaxel

› VivaGel® condom approved for sale in Australia – Launch imminent

› VivaGel® for BV: SPA agreement for Phase 3 and commercialisation activities for Symptomatic Relief

› Starpharma completes $18M Placement; launches $5M SPP

› Dendrimer-enhanced agrochemicals

› Full Year 2014 annual financial results


Download: Shareholder Update October 2014 (pdf file, 1MB)

12 June 2014

Shareholder Update: June 2014

In this issue:

› VivaGel® BV prevention of recurrence: start of phase 3 trials close

› R&D tax incentive cash received

› DEP™ docetaxel trial progressing well

› VivaGel®-coated condom: preparing for launch

› VivaGel® BV symptomatic relief product: commercial and regulatory progress

› Strong results for dendrimer enhanced agrochemicals


Download: Shareholder Update: June 2014 ( pdf file, 2MB)

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