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1 October 2015

OTCQX Life Sciences Presentation

Starpharma Holdings Ltd (ASX: SPL, OTCQX: SPHRY) today announced that as part of its OTCQX  investor communications, a pre-recorded presentation by Chief Executive Officer Dr Jackie Fairley will be broadcast at on Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 12.15pm (EDT time). The presentation is part of a special OTCQX Life Sciences virtual Conference.

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24 September 2015

EU Marketing Approval Granted for VivaGel® BV

Starpharma today announced it has received, overnight, marketing approval in the European Union (EU) for VivaGel® BV for the treatment and rapid relief of bacterial vaginosis (BV) including symptoms.

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7 September 2015

Starpharma signs drug delivery license with AstraZeneca

Starpharma today announced the signing of a licensing agreement with global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. The agreement enables the development and commercialisation by AstraZeneca of compounds directed at a defined family of targets using Starpharma’s DEP® drug delivery technology. The DEP® platform centres on use of Starpharma’s proprietary dendrimers, with the aim of enhancing the dosing and efficacy characteristics of pharmaceuticals.

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20 August 2015

Annual Report and full year financial results

Starpharma today released its annual report and financial results for the year ended 30 June 2015.

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In the media

24 September 2015

The Australian: Starpharma wins EU approval for VivaGel

The Australian reports that "Starpharma has been granted approval to market its VivaGel BV in the European Union's 28 member countries, where more than 260 million women live. The lubricant treats bacterial vaginosis (BV), the most common vaginal infection experienced by women around the world".

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17 September 2015

The Wall Street Journal/The Australian: Australia looks to health care as a remedy for resource slump doldrums

The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Pannett comments that 'Australia is taking a page from Silicon Valley's playbook as it seeks to reinvigorate its resource-dependent economy at the end of a long commodities boom, placing bets on biotechnology and digital health care'. Tax incentives for R&D have moved Australia to fourth place globally for biotechnology innovation, with a further boost expected following a change of Prime Minister from Tony Abbott to Malcolm Turnbull. Starpharma is featured in the article for its drug delivery technology and recent licensing deal with AstraZeneca.

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16 September 2015

The Wall Street Journal: 5 Things to know about Australia's biotech push

The Wall Street Journal's Rachell Pannett provides a summary of Australia's biotech industry, highlighting Starpharma's drug delivery technology as one of Australia's 'interesting discoveries'.

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8 September 2015

ABC's The Business: Interview with Dr Jackie Fairley following AstraZeneca deal

Ticky Fullerton of ABC's The Business interview's Starpharma CEO Dr Jackie Fairley following a 20% share price increase "on the back of a deal signed with American drug giant AstraZeneca. It will use Starpharma's drug delivery nanotechnology to target cancer treatment in the body."

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Shareholder Updates

23 March 2015

Shareholder Update March 2015

In this Issue:

› Phase 1 DEP™ docetaxel clinical trial update
› DEP™ docetaxel in the news
› Partner news
› Starpharma targeting key growth areas in Oncology
› Bacterial vaginosis: Prevention of recurrence/Symptomatic relief
› VivaGel® condom
› Corporate news
› Starpharma half yearly financial results


Download: Shareholder Update March 2015 (pdf file, 1MB)

7 October 2014

Shareholder Update October 2014

In this Issue:

› Encouraging clinical data for DEP™ docetaxel

› VivaGel® condom approved for sale in Australia – Launch imminent

› VivaGel® for BV: SPA agreement for Phase 3 and commercialisation activities for Symptomatic Relief

› Starpharma completes $18M Placement; launches $5M SPP

› Dendrimer-enhanced agrochemicals

› Full Year 2014 annual financial results


Download: Shareholder Update October 2014 (pdf file, 1MB)

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