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19 November 2015

AGM - Chair address and CEO presentation

Attached is the Chairman’s address together with the CEO’s presentation to the Annual General Meeting of Starpharma Holdings Limited (ASX: SPL, OTCQX: SPHRY), to be held at 2.00pm today.

Download: AGM - Chair address and CEO presentation (pdf file, 1MB)

16 November 2015

Targeted DEP™ outperforms leading treatments in ovarian cancer model

Melbourne, Australia; Starpharma today announced that treatment with its novel antibody-targeted DEP® conjugate resulted in complete tumour regression and 100% survival in an ovarian cancer model.

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12 November 2015

Starpharma receives $3.4M R&D tax incentive refund

Starpharma today announced it has received the anticipated $3.4M of R&D tax incentive refund related to FY15 expenditures.

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4 November 2015

Starpharma to present at Bio-Europe® conference

Starpharma today announced that it will present at the Bio-Europe® conference in Munich which is being held this week. At the conference Starpharma will also be conducting partnering discussions for VivaGel® BV and DEP™ with pharmaceutical companies.

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In the media

17 November 2015

The Australian: Cancer trial results prove good medicine for biotech's stocks

The Australian's Sarah-Jane Tasker reports that "Starpharma's shares have hit a fresh high following positive results in a preclinical trail for its ovarian cancer model. The company said a cancer drug treatment coupled with its dendrimer (DEP) technology - which allows for more effective drug delivery - had resulted in complete tumour regression and 100 per cent survival in a preclinical trial done on mice."

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24 September 2015

The Australian: Starpharma wins EU approval for VivaGel

The Australian reports that "Starpharma has been granted approval to market its VivaGel BV in the European Union's 28 member countries, where more than 260 million women live. The lubricant treats bacterial vaginosis (BV), the most common vaginal infection experienced by women around the world".

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17 September 2015

The Wall Street Journal/The Australian: Australia looks to health care as a remedy for resource slump doldrums

The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Pannett comments that 'Australia is taking a page from Silicon Valley's playbook as it seeks to reinvigorate its resource-dependent economy at the end of a long commodities boom, placing bets on biotechnology and digital health care'. Tax incentives for R&D have moved Australia to fourth place globally for biotechnology innovation, with a further boost expected following a change of Prime Minister from Tony Abbott to Malcolm Turnbull. Starpharma is featured in the article for its drug delivery technology and recent licensing deal with AstraZeneca.

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16 September 2015

The Wall Street Journal: 5 Things to know about Australia's biotech push

The Wall Street Journal's Rachell Pannett provides a summary of Australia's biotech industry, highlighting Starpharma's drug delivery technology as one of Australia's 'interesting discoveries'.

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Shareholder Updates

30 October 2015

Appendix 4C - Quarterly Cashflow Report

Starpharma today released its Appendix 4C – Quarterly Cashflow report for the period ended 30 September 2015.

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29 October 2015

Shareholder Update October 2015

In this Issue:

› EU marketing approval granted for VivaGel® BV
› Multi-product DEP® license with AstraZeneca
› VivaGel® BV: Symptomatic Relief and Treatment of BV/Prevention of recurrence
› VivaGel® condom
› Phase 1 DEP® docetaxel trial update                                                                                    

› Agrochemicals
› Starpharma in the News
› Starpharma full year financial results      

› Presentations and conferences

Download: Shareholder Update October 2015 (pdf file, 994kb)

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