Current Clinical Trials

  • DEP® docetaxel – Phase 1

  • VivaGel® - Prevention of recurrence in BV – Phase 3

DEP® docetaxel – Phase 1

Status: Recruiting patients



A phase 1 study of dendrimer-docetaxel (DEP® docetaxel) in patients with advanced cancer.



The study is evaluating the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of DEP® docetaxel (a docetaxel (DTX)-dendrimer conjugate) in patients with advanced solid tumours.


Trial details:

Participants in this study will be administered DEP® docetaxel via intravenous infusion in escalating doses once every 3 weeks.



Primary Outcomes:

Determination of the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) as assessed by occurrence of dose limiting toxicities (DLT)

Secondary Outcomes:

General safety and tolerability profile, as determined by adverse events (AE)

Tumour response according to Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors (RECIST) criteria

Pharmacokinetic profile in blood


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VivaGel® - Prevention of recurrence in BV – Phase 3

Status: Completed, results reported.



Efficacy and Safety Study of SPL7013 Gel to Prevent the Recurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)



Two double-blind, phase 3 studies to determine the efficacy of SPL7013 Gel when administered on alternate days for 16 weeks, compared to placebo gel in preventing the recurrence of BV in women with a history of recurrent BV



Primary Outcome Measures:

•    Recurrence of BV where a diagnosis of BV is defined as the presence of at least 3 clinical findings.

Secondary Outcome Measures:

•    Time to recurrence of BV according to the primary efficacy endpoint definition

•    Presence of patient-reported BV symptoms.

•    Recurrence of individual Amsel criteria. 

•    Amsel criteria are:

              i) Presence of homogenous vaginal discharge characteristic of BV

              ii) Positive whiff test

              iii) Clue cells representing at least 20% of total epithelial cells

              iv) vaginal fluid pH greater than 4.5

•    Recurrence of BV as determined by presence of a Nugent score of 7-10.

•    Recurrence of BV according to the primary efficacy endpoint definition.

•    Recurrence of BV according to the composite definition of at least 3 clinical findings and a Nugent score of at least 4.

•    Adverse events (AEs)

•    Responses to Quality of Life (QoL) Questionnaires.


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