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Starpharma Holdings Limited (ASX: SPL, OTCQX:SPHRY), located in Melbourne Australia, is an ASX 300 company and is a world leader in the development of dendrimer products for pharmaceutical, life science and other applications.

Starpharma’s underlying technology is built around dendrimers – a type of synthetic nanoscale polymer that is highly regular in size and structure and well suited to pharmaceutical and medical uses.  Starpharma has two core development programs: VivaGel® portfolio and DEP® drug delivery with the Company developing a number of products internally and others via commercial partnerships.

VivaGel®: Starpharma’s portfolio includes late stage women’s health products based on VivaGel® (SPL7013, astodrimer sodium), a proprietary dendrimer.  VivaGel® formulated as a water based gel and delivered vaginally - VivaGel® BV - has EU regulatory approval for topical treatment and rapid relief of bacterial vaginosis (BV) and has recently completed clinical development for the prevention of recurrent BV.  Starpharma has signed a license agreement with Aspen Pharmacare Australia Pty Ltd for the sales and marketing of VivaGel® BV in Australia and New Zealand. Starpharma has also signed separate license agreements with Ansell Limited (ASX:ANN), Okamoto Industries. Inc., (TSE: JP3192800005), Sky and Land (China) and Koushan Pharmed (Iran) to market a value-added, VivaGel® condom. The VivaGel® condom is available for purchase in Australia and in Canada under Ansell’s Lifestyles® Dual Protect™ brand. Ansell manufactures and sells leading condom brands worldwide, including LifeStyles®, Manix®, ZERO® and SKYN®. Okamoto is the market leader for condoms sold in Japan, which is the world’s second largest condom market.

DEP®: The other major part of Starpharma’s pharmaceuticals business is its proprietary DEP® drug delivery platform. Starpharma has both partnered and internal DEP® programs in Drug Delivery. A number of dendrimer-enhanced, or DEP® versions of existing drugs are under development by the Company. The most advanced of these is DEP® docetaxel, a dendrimer-enhanced version of docetaxel (Taxotere®), which is in clinical development in patients with solid tumours. In preclinical studies DEP® docetaxel has shown significant tumour-targeting and superior anti-cancer effects across a range of important cancer types including breast, prostate, lung and ovarian tumour, when compared to Taxotere® (docetaxel). In the partnered area, AstraZeneca has signed a licensing agreement with Starpharma for the use of its DEP® drug delivery platform in the development and commercialisation of a number of AstraZeneca oncology compounds.

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